Show Roses

Specimen Plants for Shows, Exhibitions, Parties and Weddings


Advice to Designers, Exhibitors and Floral Decorators


·         Robert Mattock Roses are leaders in producing large specimen rose trees for shows, exhibitions, parties, weddings, film and TV. Our plants are selected by the leading designers of the day for use for example at Chelsea Flower Show or for planting gardens to achieve immediate effect.

Our plants are grown on in pots for three, four or five years. Consequently our exhibition plants are a true representation of the shape and size of the mature or semi mature variety that you might expect to see growing outside in gardens rather than the one year old plants seen for sale on traditional nurseries and garden centres.


·         For those unfamiliar with our product, the lack of uniformity in the growth across and within a range of our plants must be borne in mind when designing ‘show gardens’. The designer needs to be particularly aware of the differences in shape and size of individual varieties.

Species roses for example are often enormous plants bearing few flowers and are often judged as the flowers go over to form hips.

The gallicas, bourbons and damasks and many of David Austin’s varieties tend to bear huge fragrant flowers on long lax growth. In contrast, the Hybrid Perpetuals and Teas are strong stocky upright growers. The chinensis varieties and bushy delicate plants and so on.

Those ordering plants unseen, and there has been a recent trend towards this, by colour or by type alone often find their aspirations disappointed, if not demolished. Designing by numbers using books for reference does not in our experience work. The designer needs to see the plant growing in situ and nothing beats a visit to our nursery.


·         In respect of Chelsea Flower Show those designers with a track record of winning Golds and Best of Show will typically approach us during the June or July of the year before the Show in which they intend to exhibit.

They will show Robert Mattock their intended design and explain the colour shape and form they require for that design. Robert Mattock has himself been arranging plants in gardens at Chelsea since the early 1970’s and is likely to have some experience of what the designer has in mind. Client confidentiality is upheld as a matter of course and is of the utmost importance; details of plans are never released to others. During the summer extra large plants may be selected and reserved, or alternatively varieties and/or plants will be specified and grown on specifically for the individual client.


·         Anyone wishing to order specimens for Shows after the beginning of December is asked to select plants on our nursery on a cash and carry basis simply because we cannot guarantee to produce any particular size or shape after that date.


·         In respect of ‘Show Roses’ to be used for late season Shows, Parties and Weddings and Events, and that includes Hampton Court Flower Show and Tatton Park, we can only offer a service where designers pick out what they require on the nursery immediately before the event. We do of course offer a delivery service.


·         In summary:

·         Please visit the nursery early and discuss your requirements if embarking on a “Show Garden”

·         Our plants are not meant to be nor are they uniform in colour, size or shape.

·         Varieties differ enormously from one another.