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We grow one of the most extensive list of old roses in Europe.

Mature & Semi Mature Roses
Robert Mattock uses a unique growing technique that produces show-quality blooms on mature specimen plants in small, light and easily manageable pots. His old roses have featured in many Gold Medal-winning Chelsea Show gardens and are high on the 'must-have' lists of numerous top designers, florists and celebrity gardeners.

Living Design Statements - Robert Mattock Roses flourish in Pots
Because these bespoke old roses have already been established in their pots - container grown old roses - you do not need to be a gardener to make them grow, or to appreciate the sheer beauty of their flowers. All the work has been done for you - except, perhaps, for watering them and casting them the occasional adoring glance. Even the busiest lifestyle can accommodate these spectacular living design statements: their palette and perfume can be relished in a variety of locations, morning, noon, evening or night, by moving their pots from balcony to dining room and from drawing room to terrace.

Landscape and Garden Design
Our unique technique involves root pruning and a special compost to produce a dense compact root ball of fibrous root which facilitates rapid uptake of water and nutrients; the essentials for producing both show quality blooms and enabling the rapid establishment of mature specimens when planted out.

Restoration, Conservation and Management of Historic Gardens and Landscape
Following the design, construction and planting process we offer a comprehensive plant husbandry and landscape garden management service.

Container Grown Old Roses a Speciality
Please feel free to browse our site and look at our unique lists and collections of old roses, classic and English roses. We are happy to assist with any queries you may have.