My great, great grandfather, John Mattock (1827 - 1913) as a young man with my great grandfather John Robert on his knee and wife Harriett at his shoulder. Entrepreneur (tea broker), property developer (Manor Ground Headington) and specialist rose nurseryman.


My great grandfather, John Robert (1863 - 1937) Rose grower and committee man. Oxford Alderman and City Councillor. Lost some of the property but maintained the status quo of the rose nursery.

John Robert

My grandfather, John William. (1898 - 1973) Committed rose grower. Brought the family concern out of the depression of the 1930’s; out of the hands of a demanding step mother; through WWII and into the retail mail order hay-days of the 1960s and 1970s. Tough and kind man.

John William

My father, Robert Hunter (1927 - 2002) Internationally acclaimed and consummate expert in the actual growing of roses. After the demise of the mail order business and the sale of the family’s garden centre founded with his wife, Christine, his own nursery business "Robert Mattock Roses" to exploit his innovative growing technique that permits rose trees to be grown in pots.

Robert Hunter


Label from 1912




Budding Boys, the men and boys who propagated new roses, of 1906



Advertisement from 1907